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Below is a sample of our price list:
(prices subject to change)

General pest control (spiders, crickets, scorpions) for houses under 3000 square feet – $90.00
General pest control (spiders, crickets, scorpions) for houses over 3000 square feet – $105.00

Spraying includes interior and exterior...guaranteed for 30 days

We offer exterior only pest control spray for the house perimeter...prices start at $70.00

Ant control...prices start at $90.00
Problems with roaches...prices start at $90.00

Extreme roach problems!!! Fogging starts at $100.00
Problems with mice and rats...prices start at $100.00

Commercial prices start at $100.00

One time sprays are available

Most chemicals we use are odorless, clear and will not stain walls or floors

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